We believe that the entire Bible consisting of the New testament and the Old
Testament was inspired by God; it is the only standard for the faith and living for the
church and its individual members.  We believe that God is the one and only true God:
the triune God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the God of creation, redemption and
final judgment.  We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, incarnated unto the
world as true God and true man.  He was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the
Virgin Mary.  He bore the sins of the world, and was crucified on the cross as the sin
offering for the world, that all who believe in Him shall be saved, and through the blood
He shed shall be deemed righteous.  He arose from the dead on the third day,
ascended into heaven and became the intercessor for the believers.  He shall come
again to judge the world.  His kingdom shall have no end.  We believe that the Holy
Spirit has descended, dwells and works in the hearts of believers to complete the work
of salvation, guiding the believers into the truth that they many have the power to live
a holy life.  We believe that man was created in the image of God, but fell from a state
of righteousness through disobedience.  Sin and death have entered into the world,
causing not only the death of the body but also the destruction of the spirit and soul
and thus separation from God.  Only through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ can
sinners be saved which is by grace through faith, and not from their works.  We
believe that the bodies of the righteous and the evil shall be resurrected; the righteous
shall be resurrected into a life of everlasting blessedness; the evil shall be resurrected
to face judgment and enter into eternal damnation.  We believe that there is only one
church, which is the body of Christ.  It includes all born again believers from the past to
the present.  The greatest commission of the church is to spread the gospel and make
disciples of all nations to the ends of the earth.

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United Fellowship Outreach Ministries, Inc.

If You Meet Me And Forget Me You Have Lost Nothing, But If You Meet Jesus Christ And Forget
                       Him You Have Lost EVERYTHING !!